Slow Computer? Speed It Up Now!

 Fix your slow computer.

When your computer was new it seemed so fast. But now you can go outside and cut the lawn, watch a sitcom, or eat dinner while you wait for your slow computer to do anything.

Why do I have  a slow computer?

There a number of reasons.Slow Computer3

  • Slow Internet connection.
  • Lots of programs provided by manufacturer which you may not want or need. Sometimes referred to as bloatware.
  • Security updates for programs not applied.
  • There are many new toolbars which have appeared on your browser, when you downloaded FREE programs.
  • Unnecessary or undesired add-ons on your browser.
  • There are a lot of temporary and other files on your hard drive.
  • Your hard drive has little free space left.
  • Not enough RAM memory.
  • Outdated or insecure software allowing the presence of malware.

What do I do with my slow computer?

At your slow computer can be made to run like new. One or two of the problems listed above can leave you with a slow computer. Three or more can leave it like a turtle on its back. Some problems are easy to find while others seem able to hide themselves in the dark corners of your operating system. Using commonly available tools and a little know-how, the problems listed above can be remedied. If you would like our assistance, Contact us for help.  We’ll set up an appointment time convenient for you. You don’t have to leave the house, or pack up and carry your machine across town.

Slow Computer Repair2


If you can connect to the internet, it is possible to use Teamviewer Quick Support to connect to your slow computer, analyze your system, and recommend solutions,

and perform the cleanup if you wish. Teamviewer uses secure connections and is a safe and secure way to have a technician remotely repair your slow computer. As you

 watch (and always remain in control) your computer will be returned to a like new speed, safe and secure.

If you prefer fix your slow computer yourself, learn about the tools to do it here.

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