Password Check

You’ve heard it before. Don’t use the same password on multiple sites. Don’t write it down and leave it beside your computer. Make it strong.

How secure is your password? How long would it take to crack it?animated-clock-image-0025

Days? Weeks? Centuries? Or seconds?

You can check a password for strength and security. Two good tools for this are

So once you have a good strong password, How do you remember it? And how do you remember two or three complex passwords, let alone dozens for all the different sites you log into?

You don’t. This is where a password manager comes to the rescue. It will remember all of your passwords for you. You only need remember one, the one that logs you into the password manager.Kaspersky Total Security

There are lots of choices some free, some paid. If you are using Kaspersky Total Security a password manager is included.

Another I am familiar with is Roboform. This can be used with multiple devices using Roboform Everywhere. It stores your passwords on their server and allows you to use your passwords on a computer tablet or phone.

Worried about using “the cloud”?

Read about the benefits and the risks in this article from Malwarebytes Labs.

There are a variety of free password managers as well with different features available. Some work with one device only and others sync across all your devices. They also have paid versions with extra features.Antispy

Here are just a few of the many choices. See which options work for you.

If your computer security and personal identity are important, and I’m sure they are, consider using tough passwords and using a password manager.

Keep the bad guys out.

Your peace of mind and privacy are worth it.

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