Facebook Cover Photo Size

Presently, the Cover photo upload size is 851 pixels by 315 pixels. Other sizes may not load. How can you change the image ratio so that it can be uploaded?

If the picture can be cropped to the correct size, that is the best choice. However it may be possible to have the picture set on a contrasting or clear background,  allowing the overall size of the picture to be correct,  while allowing you to move your picture to your preferred location on the cover space.

This can be done with Windows Paint. Open your file in Paint. Resize your picture so that the picture is 851 pixels wide.

Next drag the background box down until it is 315 pixels high. At this point the picture will be the width of the box and sitting at the top. If you wish to save it this way, you will have a cover picture with a clear space below it.

You can use the rectangle selection tool to select the picture and then move it to the center or bottom of the clear space, if you wish. Once you have the picture in position you can save it as is, or change the background colour.

Now you can upload your cover picture and it should fit well.

Other picture editing programs can be used with the same result. If you have a program you would like to use and need more information, please Contact us.


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