Password Managers – Why you should use one.

Password Managers make logging in easier and more secure.

[mwm-aal-display] How many passwords? How many passwords do you have? You might not remember how many, let alone what they are. We tend to be lazy with passwords, making them simple and easy to remember, and often using the same one for multiple sites. Why do we do it? Because it’s easier!!

Goofy Spam and Phishing Emails – Keep your guard up!

You really have to wonder who falls for this stuff. I will be posting some of the wacky phishing emails that I receive, all designed to make someone rich, but not me. Then we’ll see how you can recognize them and protect yourself.

Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 Technical Preview –  If you hate 8, you’ll yen for 10. I set out on the adventure of installing the preview version of Windows 10, referred to as Windows 10 Technical Preview. The preview version allows me to work with Windows 10, and provide feedback on what I experience. In this series I […]