Good riddance to malware rubbish!

Malware rubbish is like any other rubbish: annoying, useless, or in some cases downright dangerous. You wouldn’t let garbage pile up in your house, and you shouldn’t let it accumulate in your computer. Last time we talked about cleaning up registry files and temp files. You can check that out here. So what are […]

Take out the garbage. Or how to have a clean computer.

CCleaner your computer! We’re not talking about the parts of the computer that you can see. We know that the interchangeable laptop cover, or the led lights that flicker out the side of your desktop case are great to look at. But when you are ready to use the computer they have nothing to do with […]

How to Cure an Infected Computer.

There’s a cure for your infected computer.   ” Dad, I don’t feel good.” How many parents have heard that? The first question you might ask is “What’s wrong?” “My head hurts.” “My stomach is sore.” “I banged my leg.” When we notice something wrong with our child they can tell us the problems. With a […]