“Scareware” scam

Beware of scareware that tries to convince you to click on their link. Here is some information to consider. http://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/eic/site/cb-bc.nsf/eng/03074.html#s5_0 The following excerpt from http://netsecurity.about.com/od/antivirusandmalware/a/Scareware.htm helps you understand what it is and what it can do/ Should you be Afraid of Scareware?

Phishing Email Experian

This is an example of a phishing email.  It came with an attached ZIP file which as you see below  claims to contain a key change to your credit report, but will no doubt contain malicious code. The usual purpose of this a phishing email is to either get your personal information or install a […]

Social Networking Safety

Social Networking is a right of passage for many. It is part of everyday life. But there are concerns and cautions that should be part of your social networking activity. Read the March Ouch! newsletter to find out how to stay safe. If there is a choice, use HTTPS. Many sites like google and Facebook either […]