Security Software Designed to Protect You and Your Computer

Security Software Here is a list of security software and other great programs that I use both for daily operation of my computer and for troubleshooting problems. Keep checking this post as it will be expanded over time. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Vipre Internet Security CCleaner OpenDNS

Ouch! Newsletter – Email Phishing Attacks

How would you feel if your best friend turned on you? If email is your best friend you better know how to deal with it. Otherwise you could end up being betrayed. February Ouch! Newsletter teaches you how to avoid the pitfalls of email phishing attacks. To view this newsletter in a different language, click here.

Public WiFi – Convenient – But safe and secure?

Public Wifi is available in many of our favourite coffee shops and restaurants. You may be greeted with a sign, “Free WiFi”. That is a convenient service that lets us check our email or surf the web while we eat or have a drink. But what surfing can you safely do there?

Ouch! Newsletter – Java

What is Java? Why is it on your computer and do you need it? Read about living safely with Java, or living wihout it, in January Ouch! Newsletter. Links to other languages are available here: