Internet connected appliances could be compromising your security

(From CNN) — It’s bad enough that we have to fear identity thieves who are trying to scam us with malicious messages sent from PCs.beautiful refrigerator

We now must worry about being targeted by our household appliances, as well.

An Internet-security firm has discovered what they are calling a global cyber attack launched from more than 100,000 everyday consumer gadgets such as home-networking routers, televisions and at least one “smart” refrigerator.

If you have internet connected appliances, do you like them? Have you had any problems? Any words of advice for others?

If you don’t have internet connected appliances, tell us why not in the comments section below.

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Goodbye XP? Are you ready and why does it matter?

Goodbye xp

XP has been the favorite Windows operating system for years. Some people have used nothing else, so this is what they know. Like most other Windows systems it got better with age, with the possible exception of Millenium or ME, for which no one had a fondness.
Since the release of XP we have seen Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.0, and 8.1.
Support will end for XP on April 8, 2014, after a long and successful life. Read about it here Continue reading Goodbye XP? Are you ready and why does it matter?

Save Emails Offline

Where are your emails?Golden symbol of e-mail comes out of the mail envelope

Most people today keep their emails online, or in the cloud. You likely access Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or others by opening your web browser and reading and replying right from there. Gone are the days when we had to go home and fire up the desktop to check our mail. Now it is possible to receive and instantly respond to email wherever we are.

Of course, there are a lot of advantages to this. You can access your email across multiple devices: smart phone, tablet, or computer. It’s easy to go to a public wi-fi and log in to your account to check your emails. While instant messaging, texting and social networking takes care of a lot of our communication, we may still receive emails when documents or photos, etc. need to be sent. Many websites are happy to send you their newsletters. And of course, compared to social networking, there is a higher level of privacy for emails that you may not wish to share with all your friends.

However, if you have a computer at home, or a laptop that travels with you, it is possible to save emails offline. This will allow you to review and search your emails from various accounts. They will be in a folder on your computer and then can be securely backed up when you backup your other files. (Yes, Backup!! read about that here) Continue reading Save Emails Offline

Remove Malware

vector drawing
Would you want this in your computer?

To remove malware isn’t as easy as preventing it in the first place. Imagine that the door to a large factory is open and a sewer rat gets in.

Keeping him out was one thing, but to find him after he is in your building is difficult. Where will he go? Where can he hide? See the problem?

Malware is also able to hide in many different locations on your computer. It will seldom show up as a program that you can remove using “Add/Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features”.

It may only exist in the registry, which makes it very difficult to remove malware. But nonetheless, it is there, and may be slowing down your computer, or even gathering personal information.

Note: If you haven’t already done so use CCleaner to remove temporary files and optimize the registry. Continue reading Remove Malware

Interpol Virus Holding Your Computer For Ransom?

Have you seen this screen?

Interpol Virus Removal

If you have then you have a big problem and must be reading this post on another computer.

Depending on what country you are in the Interpol Virus will show a national police logo and title.

The whole idea is to instill fear that you have engaged in some terribly illegal activity, for which you could even go to prison for a long time. They say that they can stop this trouble if you pay them a certain amount of money, usually hundreds of dollars. Continue reading Interpol Virus Holding Your Computer For Ransom?

Good riddance to malware rubbish!

Malware rubbish is like any other rubbish: annoying, useless, or in some cases downright dangerous.Malware rubbish

You wouldn’t let garbage pile up in your house, and you shouldn’t let it accumulate in your computer.

Last time we talked about cleaning up registry files and temp files.

You can check that out here.

So what are we talking about now?

What is malware? Continue reading Good riddance to malware rubbish!

Take out the garbage. Or how to have a clean computer.

CCleaner your computer!clean computer

We’re not talking about the parts of the computer that you can see. We know that the interchangeable laptop cover, or the led lights that flicker out the side of your desktop case are great to look at. But when you are ready to use the computer they have nothing to do with function or performance.

We want to clean out the inside, so that it runs faster, without any hiccups.

So lets get started. A clean computer is faster and easier to use.

A lot of performance issues can be traced back to fragmented files, old files and registry errors.

CCleaner is a great free program with a number of excellent apps for keeping your computer running smooth. Download CCleaner here. Continue reading Take out the garbage. Or how to have a clean computer.

How to Cure an Infected Computer.

There’s a cure for your infected computer.


infected computer” Dad, I don’t feel good.”

How many parents have heard that?

The first question you might ask is “What’s wrong?”

“My head hurts.”

“My stomach is sore.”

“I banged my leg.”

When we notice something wrong with our child they can tell us the problems. With a few well chosen questions, we understand the problem and provide a solution. Soon all is better and now we have a happy child once again.

Unfortunately, your computer can’t tell you what’s ailing it. Or can it? Maybe you’re not getting the message. There are reasons why your infected computer is “acting up”. Let’s check a few symptoms and look for the solutions. There are some “home remedies” you can use, and experts available when you need them.

What your infected computer is trying to tell you. Continue reading How to Cure an Infected Computer.

Slow Computer? Speed It Up Now!

 Fix your slow computer.

When your computer was new it seemed so fast. But now you can go outside and cut the lawn, watch a sitcom, or eat dinner while you wait for your slow computer to do anything.

Why do I have  a slow computer?

There a number of reasons.Slow Computer3

  • Slow Internet connection.
  • Lots of programs provided by manufacturer which you may not want or need. Sometimes referred to as bloatware.
  • Security updates for programs not applied.
  • There are many new toolbars which have appeared on your browser, when you downloaded FREE programs.
  • Unnecessary or undesired add-ons on your browser.
  • There are a lot of temporary and other files on your hard drive.
  • Your hard drive has little free space left.
  • Not enough RAM memory.
  • Outdated or insecure software allowing the presence of malware.

What do I do with my slow computer? Continue reading Slow Computer? Speed It Up Now!